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After receiving their accessible dream home, Jody and Melissa want to make a difference.

Read the exciting journey

of the Copp Family and their home renovation on FIXER UPPER, with the help of TIM TEBOW!


while we RAISE awareness of the need for accessibility

The Triumph Book: Raising Wheels

Read the exciting journey of the Copp Family and their home renovation on FIXER UPPER, with the help of TIM TEBOW!
The Triumph Book: RAISING WHEELS features stories from exceptional parents raising differently abled children as well as the motivating examples of those who are personally achieving greatness by living life on wheels.

The RAISING WHEELS compilation of stories provides the much needed (and virtually non-existent) guide for parents of special needs children and inspiration for anyone dealing with adversity.

A Look Inside our accessible home

The dream of a wheelchair accessible home was a passion for the Copp Family, which they made great sacrifices to achieve.

Previously, the boys, Calan and Lawson, could only access 40% of the house, which was essentially two rooms.  Now, they have a fully accessible home, including their own backyard!

Take a video Tour & read the blog

Join us for a video tour of our accessible home and get resources from our blog.

Why We Attend the Abilities Expo Every Year

The Abilities Expo has proven every year to be THE place to be if you are raising differently abled children. You will learn more about mobility devices than you will ever dream of, test out the latest and greatest devices and meet the most amazing people all supporting your mission of accessibility. Abilities Expo cannot be missed!

Winter on Wheels – “Just Roll With It!” Edition

Melissa Mays is back with her humorous take on handling the harsh effects of Winter and raising a child on wheels. Here are the rules she follows so that you can “Just Roll With It” too and not let the cold dampen the holiday spirit!

Accepting Help – “Just Roll With It!” Edition

Raising Wheels has a NEW monthly column called “Just Roll With It!” Please join me in welcoming our new Raising Wheels Blog Contributor, Melissa Mays! She will be contributing to our monthly column called “Just Roll With It!” which will provide insight into the “not-so-humorous-but-we’ll-make-it-funny-so-we-don’t-cry” moments of this so called life of raising our differently abled children on wheels. Here’s her take on why its so hard sometimes to accept help and why it’s so important to take the help and JUST ROLL WITH IT! 

What Are The Odds?

We sometimes don’t know what fate has in store for us but in terms of survival, David Farber, knows EXACTLY what it took to live past that fateful day after his accident. Read an excerpt of his telling account of survival through his deep devotion to his faith after he was given a 10% chance of survival. We highlight another amazing contributor featured in the upcoming book “The Triumph Book: Raising Wheels” to show yet another example of an individual finding gratitude in a life that is differently abled.

Meet Connor

Today we ask Connor what life is like living life on wheels and what it means to be differently abled. Learn why he credits his parents for the standing ovation he received at his High School Graduation and why his 7th birthday was one of his favorite memories.

Why We Started a Foundation After Fixer Upper

One year ago, we met the people that would give our boys an accessible home and change the course of our lives forever. They are Chip and Joanna Gaines, Tim Tebow and their amazing teams that help carry out their missions of assisting others through their nonprofit foundations. On the anniversary of meeting them for the first time, we are launching our own foundation.

Copp Family’s Experience with Little League Challenger Division® Shines on HGTV’s Fixer Upper

For immediate release Copp Family’s Experience with Little League Challenger Division® Shines on HGTV’s Fixer Upper Melissa and Jody Copp share the joy and opportunities that the Lake Air Little League Challenger Program has provided to their family. Web Release:...

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